Welcome to Nerdy Up North

Welcome to Nerdy Up North, the North East's premier Pop Culture podcast, broadcasting live every weekend, from the cold and grizzled North Of England. Join us live on Youtube every Sunday, where we lock perspectives on an endless supply of nerdy topics. Audio available on Spotify, Amazon, Google, Itunes as well as any RSS podcast download sites. We stream Live, Unfiltered and Unrehearsed. There's no toxicity, anger, gatekeeping or hatred in what we say. Nerdism is for everyone to enjoy, and we intend to keep it that way. 

Discover your new favourite show with our wonderful team of eclectic nerds. With regular guests, mid-week features, news, reviews and discussions on all your favourite Shows, Movies, Cartoons, Games, Books. Come and discover a different perspective on what it means to live The Geek Life.

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Nerdy Up North Podcast 2.0

We are a couple of Northern Nerds that love to talk about anything Nerdy and pop culture.

Monsters Up North

Each Monday the Nerdy Up North team will be talking about there favourite monsters

Trekkin Up north

Nerdy Up North boldly going where no northern nerds have gone before as they talk each week about there love of star trek

Reviews of the podcast

“As a new member to the world of Nerdy Up North I decided to give the podcasts a go and as I had been reminiscing with my kids about the cartoons of my childhood, I dove straight into the Childhood Cartoons episode….I loved it,

The hosts talked about cartoons that ranged from Looney Toons, to He-Man, to the modern classics (depending on your age haha) of Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon.

The love each host had for their picks was clear to see and brought back a lot of memories and even refreshed my mind on some I’d forgotten about.

From there, I’ve gone back and watched more episodes (wrestling was the next on my nerdy list) and again another enjoyable episode.

The main thing I took from this episode, is that Grant (one of the hosts) discussed an element of toxicity that prevails itself at times In wrestling fandom…. which is also true across all fandoms.

I mention this because over the episodes I’ve watched/listened too, there is none of this present in any of the discussions by the hosts or in their interactions with the live chat. There is no gatekeeper nonsense and no one presents themselves as an expert, just a fan.…there is no “smarkiness” at all.

As a podcast presentation as a whole, the only issue (and I’m pushing it to class it as an issue) is that at times hosts jump in to say something at the same time, but on the flip side that’s almost impossible to avoid when hosts are all taking part remotely and there are no body language cues to see when someone is about to speak…….

All in all, it’s a fun time with a passionate group of  people and is now a part of my weekly podcast intake”

Peter Handy