Gaming up North

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Gaming Up North - Warioland

Jake gives everyone the Holiday Gift of Wario!!! Wahahahaha!

Gaming Up North - Phasmophobia with Lee!

Lee, Joe and Mike all get together to bust/run from some ghosts!

GuN Ramblecast Ep 5 - Mass Effect

We've gathered a new crew member, we completed his loyalty quest, we brought him out of retirement for one last mission! Commander Goodwill joins the Ramblecast?! Hold The Line! It's Mass Effect

GuN Ramblecast Ep 4 - Goldeneye N64

Look out everyone! Oddjob's crouched and is sliding towards you... Menacingly!!! It's Goldeneye N64!

Gaming Up North - Warioware Move it! + Jake's Birthday Bonanza!

Jake celebrate's his 35th birthday the only way he knows how. With his loved ones Yuphoria and WARIO Wahahahaha.

Gaming Up North - Phasmophobia

Paul Gets Scared!!!!

Gaming Up North - Robocop: Rogue City Part 2

RoboLee Returns! To blow the limbs off of crime!

The GuN Ramblecast Ep 3 - Assassin's Creed

Nothing is True, Everything is joked about. That's the Gaming Up North Promise!

Gaming Up North - Co-op Super Mario Bros. Wonder Part 2

Gaming Up North Ramblecast Ep 2 - N64 Wrestling Games

This week Jake and Adam have a North East Death Match! Two men enter, two men leave again after having recorded a nice podcast about N64 wrestling games.

Gaming Up North - Robocop: Rogue City

Dead or alive you're coming with RoboLee!

Gaming Up North Ramblecast Ep 1 - Mortal Kombat

Jake and Adam premiere a new show for the Nerdy Up North network where they're going to chat about some of the best video games series that they care about. This week Mortal Kombat!

Gaming Up North - Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Part 5

Lee Finishes Spider-Man 2!

Gaming Up North - Uncharted 2 Part 6 The Finale!

What's this?! Gothwill has come out to play for Halloween? May God have mercy on our souls.

Gaming Up North Ramblecast - Mortal Kombat

Jake and Adam premiere a new show for the Nerdy Up North network where they're going to chat about some of the best video games series that they care about. This week Mortal Kombat!

Gaming Up North - Co-op Super Mario Bros. Wonder!

The Jake returns to celebrate his victory in the great Sonic race and then we plan an actual good game that doesn't contain any hedgehogs.

Gaming Up North - Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Part 4

Lee-derman does what ever a Lee-derman can! And Venom's here too!

Gaming Up North - Uncharted 2 Part 5

Goodwill Returns to Uncharted Territory! The horn is back!

Gaming Up North - Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Part 3

Back in Black?... Nod your head, the black suit's coming?... The last suit Lee will ever wear?... I don't know I give up, Enjoy!

Gaming Up North - Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Part 2

it's me Spiderman, watch me play with myself some more on stream!

Gaming Up North - Marvel's Spider-Man 2

it's me Spiderman, watch me play with myself on stream!

The Great Sonic Race Part 3 - The Decider

Part of the 24 hour charity live stream...this was 6am

FFX! Lee's on the way to Zanarkand

Lee picks up his FFX save and grinds his way through Seymour.

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

The return of the Paul. We search for kids with everyone's favourite problematic 80s star.

Bustin' Ghosts and Giving Away Cards!

Lee makes his debut on the channel as one of our content creators!

PS1 Toy Story 2 and Rugrats!

PS1 licenced games?! sure why not, they're never going to be released anywhere else. So let's check 'em out.

Super Mario RPG Part 6

We beat then befriend some Shark Pirates then become an accomplice to some tickle torture? Whatever man

Human: Fall Flat Co-op Madness

Jake and Goodwill grunt and struggle their way to greatness? Or maybe none of this matters and friendship is the real reward.

Super Mario RPG Part 5

We start in the stars reading people's deepest secrets and end up trapped in a ghost ship on the bottom of the ocean for our crimes.

Super Mario RPG Part 4

We climb Booster Tower, get some new weapons, crash a wedding and recruit 2 new party members!

Goodwill? Check! Jake? Check! The Dirty Boyz are Back!

The Dirty Boyz: Jake and Goodwill chat stuff and relax while they clean up more of Lara Croft's back passage and the lady's dirty garden. Then we read some questionable fan fiction and try not to get our Tails too wet.

Super Mario RPG Part 3

We time travel to the future of the Nerdy Up North podcast. Make up some fan fiction about Lee and Goodwill's first date. Then continuing our exploration of Super Mario RPG before Nintendo remakes it! We've got an OP Geno now.

Super Mario RPG Part 2

Continuing Our Exploration of Super Mario RPG before Nintendo remakes it!

Uncharted 2 - Part 3

Can Goodwill triumph over the Abominable Blueman Group?!

Super Mario RPG Before Nintendo Remakes it!

Jake plays some Super Mario RPG in an attempt to notice all the things they change in the upcoming remake.

Viking Mining and Crafting With Valheim

The Terrible (Insert Game) Players return! To do battle with monsters and the greatest challenge of all. Proper insulation and chimney construction!

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Goodwill's Uncharted Journey Continues in the first part of his Uncharted 2: Among Thieves playthrough. Come for the Drake, stay for the pratfalls.

MCM Comic Con Haul, Pokemon Cards and Screwball Scramble!

Jake shows off his MCM London Comic Con Haul, opens and plays some Pokémon cards and then goes back in time to learn you should be careful what you wish for...

Uncharted Finale/Wheel of Fortune

Goodwill's hunt for treasure continues! Until he runs into the Wheel of Misfortune!

The Terrible (Insert Game) Players

The Maiden Voyage of The Terrible (Insert Game) Players! Our new multiplayer focused video series where Jake and a collection of noobs bumble through some of the greatest multiplayer games.

 Zelda TotK + Chat Goes Wild!!!

Jake and Goodwill check out Zelda whilst under a barrage of text to speech messages from their adoring rabble of fans. Some Zelda Tears of the Kingdom was played as well I guess.

 Uncharted Part 2

Goodwill's Adventure Continues in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

N64 Bonanza Edition!

Back in Jake's Retro Corner (Yes, I'm using a real 64 controller) we take a look through everything the Switch has to offer for emulation as of today.

Uncharted Part 1

Goodwill goes on a new adventure with Uncharted!

Watch Party: 90s Toy Advertisements

More Time Travel! As Jake and Goodwill look at toy and games adverts from the 90s. From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Crocodile Dentist, we've got it all and more!

Crash Bandicoot 2

Jake's playing #crashbandicoot 2 with a new green screen wall and a time machine?! Which defunct high street store will he visit this week?

 Batman Arkham Asylum

Join Paul as they become The #batman and try not to die as much as Goodwill does.

Far Cry 5 Part X

Join Goodwill as he goes on a shovel rampage one last time. The shovel industry with never be the same again. Neither will manufacturer of unicorn headwear.

Far Cry 5 Part IX

Can you dig it? Goodwill can! Or more specifically, dig a shovel into some poor fellas coin purse...

PowerWash Simulator's Croft Manor DLC

The Dirty Boyz (Bubba Jake and G-Von) are Here to Hose Down Lara Croft's Unmentionables.

 Dragonball Z: Buu's Fury

join Jake as he explores an obscure little GBA RPG based on Dragonball Z and tries to voice all the characters along the way.

Goodwill's Surprise Mailbag... of Cheesiness!

Goodwill receives a special package from his adoring fans.

Far Cry 5 Part VIII

Goodwill opens his special package and shows all to the fans!

Pizza Tower! The Hunt for More Wario

Join Jake, our resident Wario expert as he checks out this new Wario Land spiritual successor. Pizza Tower.

Far Cry 5 Part VII - Goodwill's Quest

More sound effects means more action. Of course, Goodwill doesn't need much encouragement to deliver shovel justice to the untamed Montana mountains.

Messing around in the dark playing Resident Evil 7

Paul goes looking for trouble in all the wrong places. Welcome to the family boi!

Far Cry 5 Part VI

A veritable Valentine’s Day Massacre rains down upon the cult. Will anyone smooch Goodwill?

The Last of Us Part 4

Paul enlists the help of resident shovel king Captain Micheal-Adam Goodwill -- It does not end well.

Far Cry 5 Part V

Deathwill... I mean Goodwill! Continues to cause havoc for Eden's Gate. All he needs is his trusty shovel David Spade.

The Last of Us - Part 3

Paul drops back in to right the wrongs from the previous stream. He would definitely die first IRL.

The Last of Us - Part 2

Paul continues his trip through the fungus zone.

A Trip Down PlayStation Memory(card) Lane

Hitting Disney's Hercules, Croc: Legend of the Gobbos and Ape Escape!

The Last of Us Part 1

Paul Discovers Who is The Last of Us. Will he die or fight the shrooms?

Far Cry 5 Part IV: Shovel Life

Goodwill takes out his shovel David Spade and continues his journey through the Midwest of 'Murica.

The Simpsons Arcade Playthrough

Paul takes Marge on a fantastical journey through a Springfield imagined up by the devs at Konami before Simpsons was out of Season 1.

Nerdy Up North - Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins Full Playthrough

Jake invites you to the retro corner again for a full playthrough of Mario Land 2 and then a little exploration of the weird and wonderful enemies in this game.

Nerdy Up North Gaming: Far Cry 5 - It's cult Vs cult Yawl! Part III!

More shovel killing with David Spade, noggin floggin, tanker exploding action from Captain Goodwill.

Nerdy Up North Gaming: Far Cry 5 - It's cult Vs cult Ya'll! - Part 2

Goodwill continues his Far Cry 5 let's play. No, we don't know about the horn either.

Nerdy Up North Gaming: Far Cry 5 - It's cult Vs cult Ya'll! Part I

A solo Goodwill jumps into the cultish world of Far Cry 5. With copious amounts of dangerous driving and shovel throwing.

Nerdy Up North Gaming: Ancient Myths & Cute Pet Pics Assassin's Creed: Odyssey

Grant's Odyssey. Exploring the world, culture and pets of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey

Nerdy Up North Gaming: GOTY Vampire Survivors and Elden Ring

Jake playing a little Vampire Survivors and then Elden Ring. Cause he's a sucker for death.

Nintendo Switch Bounce Around Stream

Starting with Kiwi 64 ending on Pokémon Scarlet with Captain Goodwill Joining our very own Nerdy Jesus.

Nerdy Up North Catches a Shiny! In Pokémon Scarlet

Jake sits down to play some Pokémon Scarlet. Gym badges, shiny Pokémon, evolutions, we got it all.

Jake and Paul Ghost Hunt Again! Phasmophobia

Jake and Paul go Ghost busting on Phasmophobia and we get down and spooky. Grab a spookycino and join us!


I'm bored on my last day off before work so thought i would play a nice quiet game of phasmophobia lol what could go wrong haha

Nerdy Up North Plays The Mortuary Assistant

With it leading up to Halloween I thought i would try and play one of the spookiest games that have been released recently - I am a big scardy cat so expect me to scream and hide.

Gaming Day Cos I'm Bored

Come watch us play some video Games!

Among Us Community Game

We got together some of our awesome community to have a few games of Among Us. Trust was immediately eroded.

The Team Play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Shredders Revenge

We decided to try and beat the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredders Revenge and we had a lot of fun playing the game and finding all the secrets.

Jake Vs Paul Sonic Race to see who is the fastest man alive

This started out as a bit of fun and ended up taking a dark turn. The rage runs deep within Paul.