Revisiting one of my all time favourite films was like a trip down memory lane. I have loved this film since the first time I watched it as a kid. I remember, it was on ITV on a Saturday morning that my Dad sat down with me to watch The Goonies.

We all have our little things we like to do for comfort, whether it be food, music or even computer games. Mine has always been movies, especially ones from the 80’s. Lost Boys, The Breakfast Club, Back To The Future and Stand By Me are among others that I keep going back to. When I watch these films it's like putting on a really comforting jumper, making me feel warm and safe. Over the years I have watched these movies over and over on VHS, to the point I still know where the commercial breaks were in the film.

One of the reason I'm writing about The Goonies today, is one of my friends Julie posted a story on how she introduced her two little adventurers to the film; she posted about how they loved the film and there reactions. They were taken on a journey with the film, they were scared, excited and jumping for joy by the end; it filled me with so much joy that her love of this film had been passed on to her two little ones. They would have watched and loved this film in the same way as I did when I was at that age. To be honest, I still judge people if they haven't seen The Goonies, and I judge them even more harshly if they have seen it and didn't like it!

Re-watching the film again, as it has been a few years since I went on the adventure for buried pirate treasure, I notice a few little things - the film has aged well l, and the practical effects they used in the movie still stand the test of time. The only thing I would say could do with a little work, is the ending seeing the pirate ship sail off is a little ropey, but I can forgive that. I don't think the use of CGI would improve this film at all and it's one of the films I really hope they don't return to and try to remake. Another standout for me is the amount of bad language in the film, I know this doesn’t seem too big a thing in todays films where swearing is used far to often. I remember watching the TV version that my Dad recorded on VHS, where the film was dubbed and all the bad language was swapped out for less offensive words. I never noticed the swearing until I bought the Blu Ray. Also, the film is a lot darker than I remembered, maybe watching as a kid I was a little innocent to a few big things in the film. The fake suicide attempt at the start was really realistic and it's amazing how they got away with it in family-friendly film. The Peeping Tom aspect of Troy looking down Andi’s top wouldn't be acceptable in films made today. Also, the use of the film's hero having special needs isn’t handled tactfully and could be construed as offensive by today's standards. Don’t get me wrong, I love Sloth and think the film wouldn't work as well without him, but can see how this could be seen as offensive these days. It’s also crazy to think two of the main cast starred in two of the biggest movie franchises in later years. Sean Astin staring in The Lord Of the Rings and Josh Brolin making half of the universe disappear with the click of his fingers in the Marvel Universe. Showing that even at such a young age the cast was full of talented actors. The main protagonists in the film the Fratellis, who were brought to life by the amazing Anne Ramsey, Joe Pantoliano and Robert Davi, are all very menacing and kept our group moving forward throughout the film. They bring a real terror to the film through their performances. I still get chills when they have Chunk down in the basement and are trying to get information out of him. The blender scene used to really scare me for some reason.

The thing that hits me most, watching it this time round, is how the film is centred around relationships and what you would do for your family. Such as The Goonies looking for ways to help their families from being evicted, the Fratellis wanting to get Jake out of jail and even Troy and his father wanting to take over the family homes to build their "family" business. This coming of age tale shows a group of friends who are, self-admittedly, outcasts rising to the challenge when fate and opportunity comes to provide a once-in-a-lifetime solution to their problems, on their last weekend together as The Goonies. There aren't really too many twist and turns in the story, but it's fun. Not many films these days are pure unfiltered fun; from start to finish this is a rollercoaster ride of emotion and excitement.

Each member of the team has their unique traits that bring so much to the film, the group are all very loveable and innocent in their outlook on life and approach to the journey. Some of the group are scared, some are fearless and we, as an audience, feel what they are going through. That feeling is down to the performances of every actor involved. There are also moments of cinema history in this film, I dare you to forget the truffle shuffle after seeing it. Imagine falling down a tunnel into what looks like the world's best water slide to see a real life Pirate Ship. I read online that this was the first time The Goonies saw the ship too, and you can tell by the look on their faces - it was pure joy and excitement. Also, after watching this film I really wanted my own Superman t-shirt after seeing super Sloth and Chunk save the day. I now have several. See, dreams really do come true!

I always wanted to have an adventure like they had in The Goonies, I grew up in a small mining village, close to the coast and during my summer holidays I always imagined I was looking for Pirate's treasure in the caves and denes. I still wish I could have been the one to find the map and locate the treasure of One-Eyed Willie. I can’t wait to watch this film with my nieces and nephew, so I can share with their excitement. If you have never watched The Goonies then give it a go. It might not change your life but I guarantee you will have fun.

Thanks for reading :)